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Our Methodology
Our Proven Methodology
Accurate Reputation approaches online reputation management and search engine optimization from a consultative and execution perspective. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” implementation. Our methodologies are tailored to meet different needs of companies, audiences, and competition. We have the ability to determine exactly which tactics yield the finest results by working directly with you and your company.

Accurate Reputation has developed a proprietary ORM and SEO system with unique coverage. Our reports are sent directly to you on a monthly basis; it comprises of the complete logs of work and actions taken, robust documentation of site optimization, press release distribution, website inbound links, and social media syndication and sharing.

With a fully staffed team of specialists, we have the skill to control over any competition, start any merchandise or service, enter any marketplace, develop any internet option, and grow any business. After optimizing your site and conducting a complete search engine positioning campaign, your results will last for a long period of time.

Reputation management, creation and 100% control of original assets
Through our “analyze-optimize-manage-monitor” methodology, Accurate Reputation ensures you reshape your public identity and enhance your corporate reputation. We ensure that positive and relevant content is continuously positioned above anything negative, where users are most likely to view it. Our team also ensures we reshape your public identity and enhance your corporate reputation as fast as can be done right.

In doing so, we may also design and develop optimized independent online assets to ensure that your online reputation avoids being tarnished. We optimize these online assets to be properly found on page one of the major search engines for all search terms dedicated to the campaign. We also properly monitor, track and respond to any new information about you that may be pushed live online.

We further analyze existing search engine results and create a baseline assessment of your online reputation. We then deploy a comprehensive strategy that promotes positive messages, stories, sites, and links, enhancing your company reputation. We then continuously optimize results to proactively address evolving search engine algorithm changes using techniques such as linking, keyword placement, and custom content creation.

Our Reputation Management Process + Timeline
All Reputation Inoculation timelines are unique. The strategy below is an example for an individual campaign.

Month 1:

  • Accurate Reputation to receive signed agreement.
  • Setup initial meeting with client to discuss campaign strategy (content, target assets…..

Month 2 to 4:

A lot of reputation management is architecture, analysis, refinement, testing, and analysis. And, while we analyze, we identify new opportunities to implement …..

Month 4 to 6:

  • Search Engines refresh their indices.
    • Results Analyzed.
    • Site Rankings appear within Search Engine Results Pages.
  • Continue optimizing content

Month 7 to 12:

By the end of 12 months, your negative and neutral content will be suppressed off of page 1. From this point forward, we continue to build up our positive sites and push…..
Search Engine Optimization Campaign
The items listed below are a general summary of the work we have planned for your website. We will change this process at any time based on what is known to be both successful and working best in search marketing at the time. Due to the rapidly changing nature of search engine algorithms, we frequently track, test, and implement new cutting edge methodology to ensure your website sustains and expands search engine placement. We are constantly implementing new methods for successful marketing and will use them if we feel they will help your company.
  • Complete the intake form for the company
  • Research Current Google Rankings
  • Perform Keyword Research
  • Complete Set-up Items

    • Research Google preferred resource sites
    • Select top keywords
    • Planning of company content strategy
    • Determine link building sources and strategy
    • Create company profiles and description from intake form
    • Determine inbound deep links on blog/website
    • Create Optimized content marketing campaign
  • On-page Optimization
  • Create Baseline Ranking Report
  • Optimize Articles & Launch PR/Linking to Articles
  • Launch Robust Tiered Backlink Program (includes content, social sharing, directories, wikis, articles, pdf sharing sites, fw, tw, g+, pinterest shares.
  • Reverse Engineer Competitive Ranking Strategy
  • Client Content Marketing
  • Multi-Tiered Link Building
  • Strategy Revisions
  • Ranking Checks & Adjustments
  • Create 2-3 new optimized pages based on the 2-3 major keywords
  • Launch staged site optimization for keyword improvement
  • Publish articles on relevant websites
  • Review site quality & diagnostics
  • Full Reporting on SEO, PR, Social Bookmarking, Rankings, etc.
  • Consulting Call to Review Results
  • Aggressive Link Building
  • Trust Tackling with High Authority News sites
  • Improve backlink strategy based on impact of initial launch
  • Heavy Social content marketing & promotion
  • Full Reporting on SEO, PR, Social Bookmarking, Rankings, etc
  • Consulting Call to Review Results
  • Aggressive Viral Content Marketing Revisions:

    • Syndication to new publishers
    • Outreach to our blogging communities
    • Auto-syndication through private networks
    • Social Syndicator re-sharing systems
    • Social Bookmarking shared content
  • Link Building
  • Analyze indexed backlinks and citations
  • Link Building to best Press Releases
  • Full Reporting on SEO, PR, Social Bookmarking, Rankings, etc
  • Consulting Call to Review Results
  • Premium Directory Submissions
  • Wiki Site Link Building Blass
  • Social Bookmarking Explosion
  • Blog Content Marketing
  • 3-Tiered Link Building
  • Ranking Checks & Adjustments
  • Create 2-3 articles based on the 2-3 major keywords
  • Publish more articles to the website
  • Full Reporting on SEO, PR, Social Bookmarking, Rankings, etc.
  • Consulting Call to Review Results
  • Premium Directory Submissions
  • Wiki Site Link Building Blass
  • Social Bookmarking Explosion
  • Blog Content Marketing
  • 3-Tiered Link Building
  • Ranking Checks & Adjustments
  • Create 2-3 articles based on the 2-3 major keywords
  • Publish more articles to the website
  • Full Reporting on SEO, PR, Social Bookmarking, Rankings, etc.
  • Consulting Call to Review Results
By this time your website traffic has already been substantially improved (usually by month 3-4). If campaigns resume through 6 months, we have established authority with Google and the other search engines and have set the foundation and reinforced the strength of your presence on the Internet. To further penetrate your market audience, and capture new visitors to your brand, we continue to market additional keywords to gain a wider audience and go where customers are. We continue to build links and citations, publish articles and PR, supporting reviews and testimonials, support website with social signals from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks as well as expand your reach on additional Directories that your customers will potentially use. Your website will continue to reach a wider and bigger audience each month.
Our Reputation Management Process + Timeline
All Reputation Inoculation timelines are unique. The strategy below is an example for an individual campaign.

Primary Websites

We seek to improve your existing website domains to better serve your online reputation, and in some packages, we create entirely new website domains for this purpose. You will always be in control as we make recommendations and implement changes.

Web 2.0 Sites

Creation of websites on a select group of authoritative publishing platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, SquareSpace, and many more that we have proven to work best through years of testing.

Business Properties

Company profiles and digital portfolio sites that represent your business or personal brand as a viable entity the public can trust. We leverage sophisticated image, content, and publishing features to display your personal or business brand as an active and engaged entity online.

Professional Profiles

Establishing powerful and commanding presence on professional networking sites like LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Angel, and over a dozen other executive profile sites. We know the exact sites to use for your reputation and exactly what to include on those profiles so that the search engines always respond to favorably.

Social Media Profiles

Among the ‘hundreds’ of social media platforms, we have a clean list of proven platforms that work best for reputation management, and they are not always the ones you would expect based on their popularity. We create, improve, and curate your existing profiles or new ones specifically designed for reputation search results.

Media Publications

We have established relationships with hundreds of journalists and press distribution networks, which allow our team to secure high-powered news and media placements. But can’t a PR agency do that? Yes, but they won’t know which properties to focus on and what content to publish. We have published over 10,000 press releases over the past 18 months so we have real data on which stories gain traction in search and which don’t.
Whether you’re a professional or business entity, there are steps required for getting recognition as a “brand” in search engines. It is not an accident that major Fortune 500 companies have dominating, prominent brand blocks visible when you search the company’s name. We manufacture brand recognition through a series of technical optimization steps with Google, Bing, and Yahoo, ensuring that your name or business is recognized as a trusted brand as it is displayed in the search engine.

Business Location Verification

Our 5 secret steps to “convince” Google your business is a brand, resulting in all branded properties (website, social pages, etc.) receiving a ranking boost for your business name search (not exclusive to businesses, we do it for individual “brands” too)

Business Listing Citations

Once your professional or business brand is verified, we promote the business citation across hundreds of business listing websites, further strengthening your business’ name across the search engine and often resulting in many more online assets to work with in the reputation campaign.
Your reputation is strengthened or damaged by online images. We repair and improve image results along with the normal search results. We do this through a series of proprietary image ranking technology we developed in 2009, and have perfected through years of practice. We know exactly how to eradicate damaging image content from top placement, and replace it with elegant, clean, professional imagery.

Images Repaired

The minimum number of negative images we remove or replace with more positive images to represent you, your company, or your affiliates. We can handle the worst of images from mug shots to rogue blogger slander and defamation of character. We have a 100% success rate with image control.

Image Creation

We create dozens of images through graphic design, photography, and image manipulation to increase the total number of images assets available under your name search.

Image Optimization

Publishing images to the Internet is not a solution in itself. A precise set of image formats and adjustments are required to achieve top placement and favorability in the search results. We have implemented hundreds of experiments with images and use only what we know works every time.

Image SEO

Beyond careful creation and optimization, we actually promote images through a series of citations, embeds, blogs, article marketing, and further distribution. Most companies don’t have a clue how to do this but because we have such high-powered content marketing resources, this is a piece of cake for our team.
In this content marketing section, we focus on the strategy, creation, distribution and promotion of positive article and news content relating to your brand. This is largely how we achieve such radical unparalleled success with our reputation campaigns. Our content marketing strategies are derived from big brand search engine optimization arrangements we have with mega-organizations that trust our firm to reach to the farthest corners of the Internet to distribute content. With the click of a few buttons and keyboard strokes, our professional writing team and content marketers have the ability to generate hundreds of professional editorial, posts, blogs, articles, comments, news releases, and so much more.
This is the number of press releases we include in the package. Our professional teams of veteran journalists work with you on story lines and produce powerful editorial content for your reputation assets. No big news or announcements? No problem. Our media-savvy team of marketers can create news out of thin air.
We have a special combination of turbo-charged PR distribution platforms with direct relationships with media outlets to get content published fast, along with homegrown versions of PR platforms that we have designed exclusively for SEO and reputation marketing purposes. We have hundreds of distribution options for any individual, business, or industry.
We write unique, original, and compelling articles for your name, rich with detail and positive references to further improve your online perception. Ultimately, we don’t stop writing content until there is enough on the web to give you total control over your digital reputation, and we write these articles in a way that is perfectly balanced for the semantic requirements for your name search – we do this because we know how to write for Google, not just internet users.
Once articles are written, we distribute and publish optimized articles across the web in mass quantities, maintain optimization control and linking strategies to campaign assets, which further strengthens our ability to position you at the top.
We ghostwrite for hundreds of major blogs and are active contributors to dozens of major editorial sites in dozens of industries – this gives us the ability to blog on your behalf, either on your website or on industry-relevant websites.
We attach a strong syndication technology to every blog post we secure, further promoting and distributing those blogs to other content outlets across the web. The compounding effects of this syndication strategy help to rapidly strengthen any name/brand presence in search.
Social media profiles shouldn’t be a ghost town with nothing fresh or interesting, so we formulate social content posting strategies for all the property assets we create on your behalf – then of course we execute those content strategies in a way that we know the search engines respond to positively.
Every post on social media has the ability to work in your search engine reputation favor, or not help at all. Little adjustments to posts help to optimize your entire social profile, and without these optimizations in social posts a profile won’t perform very well on Google. We handle posting to these profiles as part of the strategy.
With all the above asset creation strategies and content marketing techniques, one might assume that is enough to repair and control a reputation in search – but it most certainly is not. One of the big reasons our methodology works so well is because of our ability to strengthen digital assets through promotional strategies and link building. Without this, even good assets won’t overtake a strong negative property. We know exactly what types of authority building techniques work for each different type of asset, and execute these trust-building promotions directly to each property for the purpose of overtaking the negative content in search.
We post share, reshare, like, and promote campaign assets through our established communities of Facebook users, sending powerful social signals to each property. This process requires finesse and resourcefulness to be able to generate a sufficient amount of Facebook ranking signals to each asset effectively.
Tweets and retweets of campaign assets are baked into our process, where we consistently promote each reputation property through microblogs like Twitter to achieve valuable social signals pointing to each asset.
We pin images from campaign assets to Pinterest, then repin and favorite these pinned images aggressively, sending strong social signals to these created assets, further strengthening these properties in the organic search results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
Sharing content on Google+ helps strengthen the content’s authority on Google, so we tap into our Google communities comprised of many thousands of users who then reshare the content we post. This combined with the other social promotions is powerful.
Link building to web properties is our flagship skill. Over 3-dozen SEO companies rely on our link building strategies to promote client websites because our team is simply the best and most intelligent about linking technology. Links serve as “votes” from other websites to yours, and we have the ability to generate thousands of links to any property, from trusted, industry relevant, traffic generating sources, regardless of the content promoted.
Media placements only help the reputation campaign if the content is properly optimized AND the press releases contain links to valuable campaign assets. Citations from press content require a special format and sequence, and we know just how to do this given the current landscape of the reputation environment.
Through our communities of over 100,000 relationship bloggers, we have the ability to manufacture links from blogs like no other firm. We consistently send our blogging communities hundreds of articles for our clients every week, and always get powerful links in return pointing at our client’s assets and increase those asset positions in search.
Article marketing is only as good as the mechanism of promotion to target properties, so we construct and deconstruct the most effective article marketing strategies every month for your campaign, ensuring a massive number of links to target properties.
Beyond press, blogs, and article marketing, we negotiate link placements on sites with industry relevance to your name and brand, which helps to secure digital placement relationships between content assets we create for you. These links are often expensive for us, but we cover the costs to make sure you get the results.
Academic sites (with the .edu extension) are some of the more powerful links we know we can generate due to the official nature of the web properties. Through our student intern programs and professor community outreach, we have access to hundreds of scholar sites we use for the purpose of building the .edu citations to your Internet assets.
In some cases, it’s necessary to reach outside of the country for special links that provide a bigger impact on the reputation environment. We analyze the opportunities carefully and select links from other country website in the event we need a special boost for a given property in search.
Creating a first layer of links to your digital assets only goes so far in the trust and authority building process for your online content. We developed a proprietary technology that allows us to point more links at the links that point to your assets, creating an additional layer of authority, which acts like a hoisting mechanism, making your digital firewall of positive content truly impenetrable.
Creating links to your digital assets doesn’t mean Google will recognize them or index them. We have proprietary solutions that allow us to convince Google to index links we create, ensuring that every link we create gets recognized and indexed.
At this point in the strategy document you might assume it best that we handle strategy, and you just want to see results and proof of work, so that’s why we include the following types of updates in the monthly campaign reports to help your continued understanding of our process and provide transparency in getting you the highly desired result of a clean online reputation.
Our team documents every article, asset, process, and step throughout the campaign, so if at any point you would like to see this log of work, it is available on request. We typically request a day or two for producing this report as we have to pull logs from multiple project management tools, but undoubtedly if you need this it’s provided.
Regular communication about strategy and process evolution is important to us, as it will be for you. Possibly, you might only care about “good news” and we’ll provide that at its earliest possible time, but we are always available to answer questions by email and we are known to pick up the phone by appointment.
Obviously, this is the playing field where we get the opportunity to perform for you, so we capture monthly screenshots of progress against the original reputation baseline report and share this progress with you as a date-stamped screenshot.
Just as you “own” your reputation, you should own every digital asset that we build or create to help improve your online reputation. We usually create these assets independently, recording access credentials for a future handoff on request.
Every aspect of our linking strategy is fully documented by way of link metric analytics so that we can prove all the link building tasks we promise to deliver. We use multiple tools to report content marketing reach, inbound link velocity, social signals, and more.
We are always thinking forward, forecasting what we need to do next to have deliberate control and impact on your positive reputation success, so we typically include any next-step strategy plans that we are rolling out next during the monthly report.