As per the stat, 86% of people will hesitate to purchase products or services from a business that has negative online reviews. The impact of what your consumers are saying about you online couldn’t be bigger.

As a business person, it is very important to monitor your online presence – a positive customer opinion on you and your business is essential in making your business a success.

A recognized business or individual, particularly one in the public spotlight, is more likely to be concerned with the word – “Reputation”. The stronger your business brand is, the greater the need to maintain online reputation. Whether a celebrity, a budding startup, or an online blog, the practice of online reputation management has significance for all. To amass an audience in the virtual marketplace, an online business cannot avoid the scope of Online Reputation Management (“ORM”) Services.

Have a look at these 6 prominent ORM tools that can prove beneficial in monitoring your online reputation:

Google Alerts

In order to customize a Google search, Google Alerts drive notifications to the user, in case the new content is added for keywords that you have specified. Furthermore, it scans and pushes information from relevant web pages, blogs, research publications, and articles within the Google network.


Yext is a helpful platform for managing your online listings on location and review sites, such as Yellow Pages or Yelp, to ensure the correct dissemination of your company information.
The PowerListings tool will help you to find the error rate of the information posted; where those errors occurred and where information about your business isn’t listed at all so that you can make the required changes to ensure your customers have the means to easily reach you.


Naymz is a best-in-class social media monitoring tool that tracks and manages your social influence – the latter being closely correlated to your online reputation. In simple terms, the higher your social media influence, the greater your capacity to better your reputation.

RepScore is Naymz’s program that rates your online business against your competitors across all social media channels. It monitors your potential peer’s opinion about you and your brand, and their level of engagement with you. It also monitors the factors that make you unique and valuable as an influencer. On the basis of these factors, it will score you between 1 and 99 (with 99 being the best) and ranks your influence level as an established, top and elite business member amongst peers.


Reputology is a tool that offers customer service analytics that can notify you with time-sensitive emails about any negative customer experiences. It provides a detailed summary report of customer feedback that will benefit you to immediately report your customers and identify the required areas of improvement within your business. It integrates Hootsuite and other social media management tools.


Hootsuite is known as a best-in-class social media management tool that enables you to maintain all your social channels in one place. With the help of Hootsuite, you can easily schedule future messages, listen to your potential customers and engage with online users. You can also access in-depth social media analytics to perform analyses on how your content is being perceived and make improvements where they are needed.

Initially, you can link three social profiles, schedule messages, and receive a basic analytics report for free. Upgrading to Hootsuite Pro will enable you to connect up to 50 social profiles, schedule your messages in bulk, and receive more enhanced analytics reports.

Complaint Search Box

Created by Go Fish Digital, Complaint Search Box is a wonderful tool to perform a specialized Google search on complaint websites (approximately 40 sites). Using this tool, you can quickly and easily perform free daily searches to ensure your potential customers are not having negative experiences with you or your brand.

To Know More

By using the above tools, maintenance of your online reputation can be as simple as searching for your name on Google. To learn about even more tools that can enhance your Online Reputation Management Strategy reach out to us here!